Sunday 26 February 2017

A weekend without WiFi!

Yes! It's possible: a whole long weekend (Friday evening until Monday morning) without any use of PC nor Smart-phone; no internet, no computer games . . . through choice!

And I feel better for it. The weather here was wild and wet: just the incentive to hibernate . So that's what we did! After a testing time since Christmas, we took the opportunity to do as little as possible, giving mind and bodies chance to catch-up with themselves. And didn't they need it!

OK: I admit we did watch some TV and video . . . but very selectively: Shrek Forever and The Sound of Music: uplifting films to reconnect to true, decent, values and remind us what really matters in life.

Whilst we probably can't go many days without WiFi and the Internet these days, because so much depends on it, it's good, from time to time, to reassure ourselves that we're not actually addicted to it!

Try it some time


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