Tuesday 9 December 2014

An IT Prayer

There's no doubt that many of us, certainly those reading this, would be lost without their internet connection. And IT generally brings us so many wonderful insights and ideas. But. It sure does challenge us at times! I've had all sorts of problems with my new PC which have severely tested both my patience . ..  and my faith.

It struck me that all this amazing technology needs a prayer of its own. So here's one I prepared earlier:

The IT Prayer

Oh Ascended Masters of Microsoft
Oh Angels of Apple and Adobe
Bring heaven to my virtual worlds

Oh cherubim of Chrome and the Clouds
Oh devas of Dropbox and deities of downloads
Bring Wisdom to my Web-site

Oh Gods of Google
Oh Alpha & Omega of Outlook & Office
Bring Peace to my PC

Oh Fairies of Firefox and Facebook
Oh seraphim of software
Bring Blessing to my Blogs