Monday 14 November 2016

Deep breath . . .

Phew! What a last few months we’ve had around the globe. The UK have voted to leave the EU and the US has elected Donald Trump as president; both unthinkable a year ago. We sure do live in ‘interesting times’.

Not surprisingly many of us are feeling uneasy, uncertain, if not downright afraid of where these demonstrative decision are going to lead. Nobody really knows  . . .  and that’s probably the biggest problem. Humans had become so used to being in control and knowing everything  . . . and now all of that has gone up in ginger smoke.

So what can we, as ordinary human beings, do about it? Hopefully we’re wise enough to know that allowing fear to govern our actions is only likely to make things worse, but knowing that and being able to find some inner calm and confidence are not always the same thing.

One, simple but effective response is to get back to basics. There’s nothing like reconnecting to our own natural, inner rhythms to reconnecting to an inner certainty.

So, here’s a simple breathing exercise, that anyone can do (though obviously not whilst you’re driving or operating any machinery!). Just listen to this recording and close your eyes . . . .

 Download it and play it at any time. Get used to closing your eyes and developing your own version of the exercise to do whenever your nerves or emotions begin to get the better of you.

This simple breathing exercise is a useful step in reconnecting to our own deeper sense of self with its associated inner calm, courage and wisdom: just what we need to come with the uncertainty in today’s world.

There are many ways we can cushion ourselves from those world (or local) events over which we have no control. The one that found me 20 years ago and is now an integral part of my life is Reiki Healing (or free webinar available here). Like breathing it’s simple and natural. Like a deep breath, Reiki can help us reconnect to a deeper certainty about life and smile again . . .