Tuesday 17 January 2017

Your own Reality Check

With so many untruths, if not downright lies being shared on social media these days, now more than ever we need a reliable way of separating fact from fiction. If we read something on-line, how do we know whether we can trust it or not?

It's all to do with tuning-in to the reality around, reading between the lines and getting a feel for what’s really going on: which is often quite different to what we’re being told!

We all have such an ability. The trouble is that many of us have lost it. Instead we've become conditioned to trusting Facebook posts or top Google search results. We forget that just because a given piece of info has been viewed a lot doesn't make it reliable information.

So how can we become more discerning?

By becoming more aware. More aware, perhaps of snap decisions based on dodgy evidence; of re-acting without reflecting instead of taking time to step back and see the bigger picture.

Count to ten

This is a positive and worthwhile habit we can readily cultivate. Having the intent to do so is half the battle. And we might remember the sage advice to “count to ten”  . . . before we say or do something that we might regret or that’s taking us and humanity in the wrong direction.

More than that, we can take up some form of mindfulness practice  . . . or Reiki: the Usui system of natural healing. Yes, ‘healing’: what better way to heal our own lives than to stop taking in garbage information! We increasingly know the value of watching what we eat, selecting only things with nutritious or other value to our bodies. The same is equally true of the ideas, facts and theories that we consume via the internet and other forms of media.  Healing, feeling happier and healthier, depends much on feeding our hearts with compassion and our minds with inspiration.

Reiki Healing is a natural and simple technique that helps us do these things: reconnecting us to our innate ability to know what’s good for us, to encourage and enable an increased awareness of where we are, and where we are not, listening to the deeper, higher truths that will improve our own health and well-being . . . and that of the human race.