Wednesday 4 May 2016

Which is best, an empty mind or a full mind?

In most human societies and cultures, the predominant belief is that the more facts, theories and ideas we can pack into our heads the better. Data, knowledge, information: whatever label you want to use, 'the more the better'. Or so the theory goes.

But look where that self-same theory has got us! A species at odds with itself (as witnessed by numerous stress-related illnesses and disputes of innumerable causes (within families, communities, nations, etc.) and disconnected from our own planet. All this knowledge, all our full minds, hasn't improved our quality of life much at all, has it?

Talk to those who practice some form of mediation, self-healing, reflection or mindfulness however (in whatever form and however informally) and you'll not just see but feel the difference. With such techniques . . . and the associated acceptance that clearing the mind, is actually a good thing, so comes a calmness, a greater ability to be at peace in whatever situation our empty mind guides us to engage with.

Read that bit again: "... whatever situation our empty mind guides us ...". Yes, our empty mind is capable of guiding us. From my experience, research and discussions with many others, the reality seems to be that having a mind free of conventional, rational thoughts, is actually conducive to receiving clear guidance on what we need to be doing in our lives!

How can that be? Surely we, our conscious minds, make the decisions, certainly the ones that matter? Do you really believe that? Not surprising, since that's what we're brought up to believe in most societies. Ever since Descartes announced that he could think therefore he was, rational thought has been the accepted pinnacle of human mental achievement. But what if it's but the beginning?

What if our minds can do much more than we've been able to with rational consciousness as our primary mode?   It can. And it needs to!

Much more to come in future blogs. For now, just hang on to that idea, reflect on it, sleep on it: ours minds are capable of much more than rational, logical, analytical, thinking . . .

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