Friday 27 May 2016

The Reiki Road & The Taoist Way

I've been reflecting lately on how best to transfer my teaching of Usui Reiki on-line. There's far more to becoming a true Reiki Master, for example, than learning how to do the attunements!

I already 'knew' this, but now I have to transfer that knowing into a viable virtual course: the journey of self-mastery that is the Reiki Road is far more akin to the Taoist Way. Thus:

The Reiki Road that has a map is not the Reiki Road


  1. If indeed self-mastery is the goal, then we are talking about a lifetime and more. Perhaps the most one can hope for is to help people start on that "non-road", or help them make good progress along it, if they have already started

  2. As for your question re empty mind or full mind, much depends on what you think a mind is. For the Taoist, there is no such thing as a mind. Much confusion generated by poor translations of "wu xin", which is better rendered as "without heart". Sri Rajneesh (known as Osho when he went mad) used to be good on this. He said: "There is no mind, only thoughts." I agree