Friday 1 August 2014

A Transcendent Read

Review of Men at Arms: A Discworld Novel: 14 (by Terry Pratchett)

Pratchett’s Discworld novels are always an excellent read (we rely on them to help us through long train and plane journeys) and this is one of the best. With Ankh-Morpork threatened by a magic super-weapon (which the wizards have nothing to do with) so the eccentric yet believable Watch save the day. With Carrot, the 6’ 6” dwarf, courting and his boss, Vimes, getting married into the gentry, duty still comes first. 

Light yet deep, this Discworld volume, perhaps more than others explores so many real-life issues with insight and awareness. You think we, in human society, have problems with ethnic issues? Try adding trolls, dwarfs and werewolves to the mix! And what about this: wolf + human = dog. Fascinating.

As I laughed and cried reading Men At Arms, I wasn’t consciously thinking of the parallels between Discworld and Earth, but my mind was inevitably making them . . .and I smiled even more! Thinking of studying sociology or psychology? You might learn just as much reading Pratchett  . . . and probably have more fun in the process.

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